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Global Film Rights is a trading platform for filmed entertainment rights providing equity finance in return for the acquisition of distribution rights. By focusing on simplified and transparent transactions and engaging at pre-production position with our clients, we work side by side to obtain the best possible artistic success and create open and auditable returns for all invested parties


Film investment has developed a poor reputation amongst “serious” investors, often being percieved as more akin to a charitable donation – or at best a tax efficient / low-return vehicle – for those who prioritise artisitc or philianthropic considerations above real financial performance. It is now time to change this apparently inexorable association between the UK film investment sector and low investment yields, by forming a dynamic commercial platform for international film rights trading.

Two decades of experience – which led to the formation of one of the largest sales companies in the industry and established itself as a credible investment vehicle for high value portfolio’s provide the framework for Global Film Rights (GFR) to reposition film as an inherently worthwile asset class. This will be achieved by GFR’s unique approach to the aquisition of film rights for completed motion pictures and a procurement procedure that significantly limits the risk whilst maintaining strong upside returns. Those film rights are exclusive and worldwide giving GFR a unique position for the investor.

Our Managing Director, Lars Sylvest has been active in the field of film rights acquisitions and sales for more than a decade and has funded, acquired and sold rights to feature films which were distributed by MGM, Columbia (Sony), Disney, Dreamworks, 20th Century Fox and Lionsgate. Titles include Premonition, Death Sentence, Dreamer and Shopgirl which are estimated to have grossed in excess of USD $300 million.Prior to this Lars financed and co-founded LA-based Hyde Park International which has become one of the most important foreign sales companies in the world, becoming a permanent fixture within the Cannes, Berlin, and the American film Market.

Our Business Development Director and co-founder is Damian Langiano. Damian is an inspiring and proven leader, with an 18-year track record of building and growing successful businesses across a variety of industries. Pioneering the model of an Independent distribution channel that was later adopted by many industry leaders. Under his direction and vision, the company’s turnover grew from £3 to £42 million in a 2 year period, and during his seven years with the company sales totaled in excess of £200 million. By 2003, Damian was ready to start his own business and launched Reform Technologies Ltd, achieving a multimillion pound ROI. Damian’s judgment and skills as a leader, deal-maker, and pioneer of new business growth will be a key component of the success of Global Film Rights.

Our Work

Lars Sylvest’s most recent work has returned Academy Award Nominations with highly acclaimed “The Danish Girl”. At Hyde Park International his portfolio includes “99 Homes” (with Andrew Garfield) “Ghost Rider 2” (starring Nicolas Cage) and the Oscar-nominated “Blue Valentine” (starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams).

Lars and his hand-picked team now seek to repeat this concept with Global Film Rights, having highlighted that the European Marketplace does not contain an equivalent company thus giving it the platform to become the central hub for the acquisition and sales of commercial fare.

Investment Opportunity

In direct opposition to previous investment opportunities, GFR adopts an approach which enables investors to benefit from the avoidance of production risk, a strong portfolio effect and much greater control over the direction in which funds are ultimately allocated.

Adhering to a strict acquisition formula (limiting investment to 40% of a film’s valuation estimates) that builds inherent financial contingency from the outset, GFR operates a payment-on-completion policy that all but eliminates the risk of investment funds being channelled into working capital as opposed to acquiring the valuable distribution rights for finished pictures, this being the heart of the real investment opportunity. Accordingly, rights will be selected on the basis of a script and talent package, with GFR only committing to pay for the agreed rights upon delivery of the completed film, thereby carrying no production risk. Moreover, by spreading the acquisitions over a slate of films (typically 10-15), capital can be distributed across a diverse portfolio – providing further risk mitigation relative to investment in a single picture – whilst maintaining the benefits that emanate from a ‘star’ picture that significantly exceeds initial valuation forecasts.

Rarely has an opportunity become available to leverage such a unique business model with such an integral degree of ‘executive’ control, entitling the investor to a full board seat, and enabling a far more meaningful chance to exert influence and control over investment allocations in future films than has ever previously been the case. In addition to funding already in place, this investment will underpin a 5-year, 15-film business plan which is formulated to deliver multiple levels of returns over that same period.

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